It really is unfortunate, but WordPress site owners are at a heightened risk of security breaches and hack; and, a lot of them don’t even realize it. Why is that though? More and more hackers and bots are going after WordPress because of the easily exploited weaknesses it has.

What Are The Most Commonly Experienced WordPress Attacks?

  • Brute Force
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Directory Traversal
  • File Inclusion Vulnerabilities (FRI and LFI)
  • SQL Injection (SQLi)

However, you can reduce the vulnerability your site has (improving it) by doing the following:

  • Pick a quality host (we recommend SiteGround)
  • Ensure the proper file permissions are set up
  • Use only reliable, trustworthy software
  • Eliminate the weak log-ins and only use strong passwords
  • Set up a two-factor authentication process wherever possible
  • Always have the latest updates for WordPress, themes and plugins

Your WordPress Security Effectiveness Is Connected To Your Backup Strategy

One of the important parts of the security of your WordPress site is to use an effective backup method. If, on the off-chance, your site does become infected with malware or hacked, you can go to the backup version and restore it to a previous version, before it ever became compromised.

Always Update Your WordPress Site, Themes And Plugins

It’s imperative that your main WordPress site along with the themes and plugins are regularly updated to ensure the site’s security. Why is that? The team at WordPress and the theme and plugin authors are hard at work to address security problems in versions they’ve released. Therefore, you should always have the latest update installed to keep the site running efficiently and safely.

If all of this still feels like too much or seems too overwhelming, SitePatrol has very reasonably priced monthly maintenance plans to assist with all of your WordPress website updates, backups, and security needs.

Stay safe out there and most importantly, have fun!

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