If you’re anything like me, you’d prefer to only have absolutely what you need in your WordPress /uploads folder.  Especially when you start to get notices from your web host along the lines of “We realize that you are on our unmetered hosting plan, but your storage is getting out of control …”

Enter the plugin: Theia Upload Cleaner for WordPress.

I tested quite a few free plugins that claimed to do similar functions as the Theia Upload Cleaner for WordPress, but after getting fed up with nearly losing multiple sites and having to manually save and create backups of my own /uploads folder through FTP, I started searching the paid options.

After heavily reading, researching, and demo-ing the Theia Upload Cleaner for WordPress, I decided to purchase it and cross my fingers that it would do everything it claimed.  Indeed, it did!  I was so amazed with it’s performance I started installing it and using it on multiple client websites.  In one case, on a photographers website who uploads her own photos, I was able to reclaim 1.5GB of space!

This plugin comes with a plethora of features, including:

  • a safe clean of your /uploads folder.
  • ability to run a simulated clean prior to fully committing to a folder clean-up.
  • automatic backup creation, always.
  • single click to clean, single click to restore all files after clean-up.
  • deeply scans your database and compares those finds to that of your /uploads folder.
  • exclusion options, such as database tables as well as sub-folders within /uploads folder.
  • the scan / clean-up process runs VERY fast – usually only a few seconds, even on enormous databases.
  • extremely fast response times from plugin developer.
  • expertly coded with comments.

To sum it up – this plugin is the best of the best for those who want to keep a clean /uploads folder and keep their web space / resource usage to a minimum.  If you consider yourself an organized person (some say “neat-freak” … but not me!), then you need this plugin to keep things nice and squeaky clean.  It feels amazing after seeing how much space can be saved on any typical WordPress website, and knowing that you can easily restore all the files back to their original positions with one single click is very reassuring.

Try the Theia Upload Cleaner for WordPress plugin today and I promise you will not regret it!

If all of this still feels like too much or seems too overwhelming, SitePatrol has very reasonably priced monthly maintenance plans to assist with all of your WordPress website updates, backups, and security needs.  We will also help you get un-hacked if you are hacked if you sign up for any annual plan ?

Stay safe out there and most importantly, have fun!

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